About VDL Parree

Almost 70 years VDL Parree has served its customers as a manufacturer of plastic injection moulded parts. If desired, these are also assembled and deliverd as semi-manufactured or finished products. VDL Parree guides its customers through the engineering phase to achieve optimal product quality at the right cost price.

System supplier

VDL Parree serves as your reliable supplier of individual parts and also as your professional partner in the role of system supplier. VDL Parree is exceptionally versatile. The production of all plastic parts and the final assembly take place in-house. Besides all the logistic advantages this offers, you also have a very experienced development partner in VDL Parree. The highest levels of service and quality assurance, along with an extensive global supplier network, mean you have a partner that is truly capable of providing added value. VDL Parree offers everything necessary to produce for you at the right cost price, including highly automated production processes. The huge added value and competitive price level make VDL Parree a system supplier with which you can easily surpass the competition for years to come!

All disciplines in-house

VDL Parree is an efficiently organized business in all respects. The company possesses an advanced machine park and, just as importantly, a strong team of skilled professionals. The production departments ensure your products are ready at the agreed times and with the expected level of quality. You can place orders on a one-off basis, on an annual call-off basis or digitally via EDI. The skilled professionals in our tool shop are at your service 24 hours a day to guarantee your production and keep your tools in perfect condition. The in-house engineering department supports you throughout the entire process, from design to the start of production. We have all the necessary CAD facilities to do so.