Co-design & Co-engineering

Within VDL Parree we have a professional project agency with engineers who are ready to assist the customer, day in and day out. This department is engaged in many different tasks aimed at easing the work of both the customer and our production department to the greatest possible extent. 

MAIN TASKS. The main tasks of this department are to assess the manufacturability of a product, estimate the cost price, provide recommendations for product improvements, obtain prototypes and investigate possibilities for cost reduction. You can read more about three other important tasks of our project department by hovering above the pictures below.

Mould construction

Our engineers take full responsibility for construction of the moulds. They work with the supplier every step of the way and assess the mould design in detail to ensure that the tool will ultimately meet the customer's requirements.

Automation / Robotization

In order to produce competitively in Western Europe it is important to automate as much as possible. This is an important task of our engineers. They determine what level of automation will enable us to offer the most competitive price. Automation entails somewhat more investment by the customer, but the investment is quickly recovered.

Early Supplier Involvement

Our engineers are also often engaged in ESI, or ‘early supplier involvement’. This means that our engineers participate in a project from the earliest possible moment. By getting involved in the development of a product at an early stage, technical and aesthetic characteristics can be perfectly combined. One of our engineers can advise you concerning manufacturability and/or material type, and this is often beneficial in terms of cost price and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

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