What is 2K injection moulding?

One of the techniques we are specialized in at VDL Parree is 2K injection moulding, which is also known as co-injection moulding or multi-material injection moulding (MMM). 2K injection moulding involves injecting two different components into a single mould. Therefore this form of plastic injection moulding can produce a single product with two colours or a product with two different materials, such as a hard/soft combination. Injecting the hot plastic components at the same time results in very good bonding, with the materials ‘melting’ into each other. This creates a high-quality connection along with the advantages of two materials with different properties. 

Examples of products made with the 2K technique:

Valve made of hard material, moulded together with a soft seal.
Battery indicator in which clear parts are combined with black edges.
Housing of a remote control with soft push buttons moulded at the same time.
A two-colour lampshade made in one mould.