Injection moulding with gas assist

For plastic injection moulding with gas assist, nitrogen is injected into the mould after it is largely filled with molten plastic. When the gas injection occurs, the molten plastic is already hardening against the mould wall, while the core is still soft. Because the gas increases the pressure in the mould, the molten plastic is pressed against all the edges of the mould. This creates a smooth product with a hollow core. Once the gas pressure is released, the gas is recovered and can largely be used again for the next shot.

Benefits of injection moulding with gas assist

  • Reduces cycle time due to faster cooling of thin-walled material
  • Weight savings due to the hollow core
  • Firm form even though less material is used
  • More design freedom because of less collapse compared to thick-walled products
  • Cost savings due to shorter cycle time and less material compared to solid products