Our toolmaking shop

Some of our moulds and dies are produced by VDL Parree's own experienced toolmakers. In addition to making our own tools, they also perform overhauls, modifications, maintenance and repair of moulds. The main benefit of our in-house toolmaking shop is the guaranteed continuity of our production processes.

The toolmakers form a trusted team, together with the equally extremely experienced injection mould test operators. Their objective is to ensure that machine, tool and product are perfectly attuned to each other. By being involved early in the process, VDL Parree can significantly contribute to product and process optimization. 

For new moulds and dies, VDL Parree has been working with selected parties outside Europe since 1999. VDL Parree builds on long-lasting partnerships with them. These partners guarantee a demonstrated high price/quality ratio, fast turnaround times and good delivery reliability.