When people talk about injection moulding, the discussion often turns to assembly. The reason these two subjects are so closely intertwined is that most parts made with injection moulding must then be assembled. Additional steps are required to arrive at a finished product. As a system supplier, VDL Parree can also handle all the assembly work in house. This allows us to provide you, the customer, with a product that is ready for further distribution. 

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. At VDL we understand that our responsibilities extend beyond business and include concern for society as a whole. Nowhere is this seen more clearly at VDL Parree than in the assembly department. Because we have work closely with sheltered workshops we have a large in-house team of employees who fall under the Dutch Participation Act. By implementing various assembly processes so they can be performed step-by-step with poka-yoke (mistake-proofing), these employees are able to enjoy fulfilling work at VDL Parree.

OUR METHODS. Within VDL Parree we use various assembly methods. These include an assembly line, assembly directly at the machine and extensive use of assembly jigs. These assembly jigs ensure that assembly is performed correctly. Our other methods are also designed to be as poka-yoke as possible.

OUR PROCESSES. We use various techniques for assembling and building the products. The need to purchase equipment and master a new process is never an obstacle. You can read about the processes we currently offer by clicking any of the pictures with the mouse.


At VDL Parree we perform assembly in a number of different ways. Most often we assemble products we have produced, together with some purchased products, and this may be done either by hand or machine.

Printing and painting

We print on products or assemblies using three different techniques: tampon printing (a.k.a. pad printing), transfer printing and hot foil stamping. We can also apply labels, either directly in the mould or in our assembly department. Besides the printing, we also supply fully painted parts.


We employ various product assembly techniques, such as ultrasonic and vibration welding, hot pressing, riveting, pressing, milling and various other techniques.