Plastic injection moulding

Plastic injection moulding is a technique for processing thermoplastics. By injecting molten plastic into a mould under high pressure the plastic fills the shape of the mould, which it retains after cooling. This makes it easy to mass produce products. We produce series ranging from thousands to millions of pieces per year.

HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDER. As a specialist in high-quality injection moulding of plastics, VDL Parree focuses mainly on products with a high degree of difficulty. This factor is often found in sectors where the quality of the product is paramount. Sectors we work for are the automotive industry, child safety products and the medical devices industry. What companies in these sectors all have in common is that high quality is demanded at a competitive price – a demand package that we at VDL Parree consider our speciality. We also work for companies from other sectors. Often the requirements are that the products have consistent quality yet low production and transport costs. We are able to provide these products via just-in-time delivery and we continuously optimize processes to keep the costs as low as possible. 

OUR PROCESSES. As a plastic injection moulding specialist we offer a range of processes. These various plastic injection moulding techniques ensure that we produce products that meet the customers' requirements. If a product has to be made with a process we do not currently offer, we challenge ourselves by learning that process. The need to purchase equipment and master a new process is never an obstacle. You can read about the processes we currently offer by clicking the pictures.

OUR MACHINES. To properly perform all the techniques listed above, we have a wide range of advanced machinery. VDL Parree has around 25 plastic injection moulding machines, with clamping forces ranging from 25 to 2,000 tonnes. This allows us to produce injection moulded parts ranging from 3 grams to 10 kilograms.