Insert moulding

In insert moulding, plastic in the die is combined with a component made of another material. Often these inserts are made of steel or other types of metal. The advantage of this method is that an insert can be completely surrounded by the moulded plastic and optimally integrated into the product. Placement of the inserts can be done manually, but at VDL Parree the process is usually fully automated. An example of a product made with insert moulding is a fastener for which the threaded steel rod is encased in plastic right inside the mould.

Outsert moulding

Outsert moulding is essentially the same technique as insert moulding, with the main difference being that with this technique the volume and/or surface area of the insert is greater than that of the plastic. In other words, with outsert moulding the plastic is injected against the part. For example, plastic glide strips can be injection moulded directly onto a metal support arm.