VDL Parree expands injection molding activities
Dismantling of machines

VDL Parree expands injection molding activities

8 June 2020

In 1948 Parree started in Horst in Limburg as a manufacturer of metal buttons and emblems for uniforms of the army, police, fire brigade and harmonies. In 1955 a start was made on what is now the core activity of VDL Parree, namely the injection molding of technically high-quality plastic products.

In recent years we have seen enormous growth in injection molding and unfortunately we have had to decide to end the metal stamping activities this year. This month we started to dismantle the machines so that the space created can be used as a future production hall.

Our metal activities, including machines, will be taken over in full by sister company VDL NSA Metaal from Veldhoven.

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