Why did HelpSoq choose VDL Parree?

Why did HelpSoq choose VDL Parree?

12 April 2022

The National Care Innovation Award 2022 went to the HelpSoq, which effortlessly puts on support stockings. And that same HelpSoq is produced in Sevenum by VDL Parree. Why did the team behind HelpSoq choose for this collaboration?

One and a half years ago, Reinoud Wouters, the manager of HelpSoq, was a guest at VDL Parree. He remembers that first tour with Pieter Melisse very well. "With our idea we entered the adventurous world of injection moulding. There the risks are enormous, because having moulds made and adapting them is a costly business. So you need reliable advice. The injection moulding itself and the assembly of your device are also risky success factors."

Choosing an injection moulding and assembly party was one of the most important decisions for the HelpSoq team. Price is important, but there is much more at play in this complex field. "You're looking for a supplier who thinks along with you, to avoid risks and keep costs in check. In addition, we had to take into account the requirements of the future scale-up right from the start." After an extensive orientation, the choice fell on VDL Parree.

This cooperation now shows its added value. Because VDL Parree has a lot of experience in optimizing all processes. "We really notice that VDL thinks ahead, from their broad experience with the composition of end products. The assembly of the first series therefore went very satisfactorily". The HelpSoq is not exceptionally complex, but it is more complicated than most household appliances. And you can't blame patients if the device suddenly stops working. So the demands are high.

Meanwhile, the first series is finding its way to patients in home care. And the operation of these devices is closely monitored by professionals. For HelpSoq, the pressure on production is increasing. "We have an enormous number of requests, so we have to speed up production as much as possible. Fortunately, VDL Parree thinks along with us in this respect as well. 

For HelpSoq, the big scale-up is yet to come. Compression stockings are worn all over the world and therefore a fast roll-out to other countries is required. Fortunately VDL Parree has the necessary experience with speed and scale to meet this need.

The technical design of the HelpSoq is supervised by NPK from Leiden. Thus NPK has become a familiar face at VDL Parree. Wouters: "VDL speaks the same language as these top designers, so the transition from concept to final result goes smoothly. Because that is what you want as a customer, that designers and implementers strengthen each other to a top product. 

If you would like more information, please contact:

HelpSoq - Mr Reinoud Wouters

VDL Parree - Mr Pieter Melisse

NPK - Mr Herman van der Vegt